Eating for a Healthy Heart

It may be tough to change your eating habits, but your life could depend on it! A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins can lower your risk for developing heart disease. Dump foods with added sugar, calories and unhealthy fats.

Try these simple guidelines when preparing heart-healthy meals:
  • Control portion sizes using a smaller plate or bowl.
  • Eat at least 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables a day, including a variety of dark-green, red, and orange vegetables, beans and peas.
  • Eat seafood (including oily fish) in place of some meat and poultry.
  • Eat whole grains—the equivalent of at least three, 1-ounce servings a day.
  • Use oils to replace solid fats.
  • Use fat-free or low-fat versions of dairy products.

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