Creating a Family Routine

With school quickly approaching, the schedule-free summer days are almost over. For many families, the switch from the summer schedule to the school day routine can be stressful. But, things go more smoothly when both you and your child know what to expect. Here are some tips to creating structure and rules to make your back-to-school transition easier than ever!
  • Establish a routine and stick with it. A routine is a set of steps or to do items that you do the same way each time, making the day’s activities predictable. Morning and bedtime routines are crucial to creating structure in your child’s life.
  • Give your child choices whenever possible. Asking them, “Do you want A or B?” or “Do you want to brush your teeth or take a bath first?” allows your child to learn to be more independent and feel like they have some control in daily tasks. Plus they get valuable practice in making good choices.
  • Be predictable. Children crave structure, and they feel safe and know how to behave when they have a clear routine. Being predictable in all areas of a child’s life can reduce stress and improve their behavior. Be sure to enforce the routine and rules you have in place, even if you get pushback.
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Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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