Finding a Fast Food Fix

Fast food is typically higher in calories, fat, sugar & salt.  It can also be lower in key nutrients while increasing risk for obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes & heart disease.  The goal is to still enjoy the convenience of fast food while finding a better choice. 

Restaurant chains with 20+ locations are now required to post calories on menus, making it easier for consumers to be more aware of the lower-calorie options.  Follow these simple tips to help cut the calories and find a more balanced fast meal. 

Tip #1: Plan ahead before you go to determine the better choices.  Check the website for menu calories and look for an entrée under 500 calories.  

Tip #2: Watch the beverages – sweet tea, soda, lemonade, and shakes add up in calories quick!  You could save a couple hundred calories by choosing water.

Tip #3: A simple swap or hold can also save hundreds of calories.  Swap crispy for grilled.  Swap fries for fruit.  Hold the cheese.  Hold the sauce.  Hold the bun.  Extra veggies.  Dressings on the side.

Try other fast alternatives like Starbuck’s protein boxes, utilize Panera Bread’s rapid pick-up or order from Subway’s fresh fit menu.  Check out our team’s favorite fast food picks below and even more ideas on our BestHealth Pinterest Board.  

Happy healthy eating!  

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