Four Reasons You Should Take a Break to Meditate


Are you feeling stressed, overworked and overwhelmed? Even in the best work environments, many of us are looking for ways to reduce stress and increase productivity. Mindful meditation is scientifically proven to help you achieve emotional calmness, improve mental concentration and restore overall health and wellness.
When your day is full of back-to-back meetings and your to-do list keeps getting longer, give yourself a 5 to 10 minute “mindful meditation” break. By giving yourself time to reflect and focus your attention on the present moment, you can break free from the clutter that clogs your mind and increase your effectiveness and productivity.
Lawrence shares four health benefits of finding a quiet space to unplug and recharge:
  1. Mindful meditation enhances the function of your immune system.
  2. Practicing meditation regulates your blood sugar and reduces your heart rate.
  3. Meditation helps relieve anxiety, depression, chronic pain, substance abuse and attention deficits.
  4. A Harvard Study published in 2014 found that meditating for just 27 minutes for eight consecutive days increases the gray matter in your brain, which helps you think, create and be more resourceful.

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